Hi, I’m glad you’re here! 🙂

Here I’ll say something about what I believe in today’s world is important. We’ll see if you agree with me, that means we’re probably a good match!


What makes you feel more secure and relaxed?
In my belief, it is at least one passive income. Think how less worried you would be if you’ll know money is coming from that, even one little income through an automated process. 

Whatever you do for years and years, it’s something you know a lot about!  It makes you an expert in that field, so you can help others by making help for them in various digital forms.

There are many people happy to have somebody to guide them and help them along the way. Just remember that you, me, and all of us use some kind of help in digital format daily. We purchase a digital product and we’re happy to have them when we need help, aren’t we? 

So, the digital product is something to think about. More on how I can help you with your digital product…


The next thing you need and I believe in, is a good website! Think in this way, a website is your own property in the online world. It is your house on the internet, right? A social media is not your ownership, nor your accounts there are.

We live in a world where we have lost our freedom, freedom of speech, freedom of raising your voice. If you steel wanna do that, on social media you’ll be banned from that. And your account will be shutdown. If they block your account or whatever happens there, you should not worry because your statements will stay standing on your website, and people can always find you at your own home online. How cool is that!

I also used to learn website coding. I attended the -GeekPack- course for WordPress developers. My mentor was dear Julia Taylor. So, I’m a proud member of a fun and very helpful coding GeekPack community! 😃

Well, I can make and maintain your website! There is a lot of important things you should know about the websites in general especially about WordPress.
Find out more.

Hello again, my name is Sladjana Rajevic. 😃
It’s good to know I have a technical and marketing knowledge about websites, branding, selling, and online presence. More about my path via the timeline.


Year 2011.

A Blogger

I started my first blog in 2011. It used to be on Blogger.
I tried to make everything good, my post being interesting and looking nice (as I believed it can’t look better in that time). Not knowing much about marketing and design.

Year 2011.

Year 2017.

Virtual Assistant

In 2017. I attended an online course for Virtual Assistants. My mentor used to me Nikolina Andrich, who grown her business to VA academy today.

There I learned how much I didn’t know nothing about working online and how big that world really is.
So, that’s how everything started.

Year 2017.

Same 2017. year


The same summer 2017. I attended a group Copywriting course together with 10 other people. Our mentor was Snezana Markovic. We all learned something new: How you should write for the readers, thinking about human, let’s say-readers psychology and how our brains as a consumer actually work.

Same 2017. year


My first websites

That year I was learning about marketing a lot. Mostly by myself, reading all the blog posts, watching all possible you tube videos about marketing. I was doing this 24/7. 😃

Now I made 2 of my websites on a WordPress for 2 different businesses I am running. One in September that year and the next one in October.


Year 2018.

Complete digital marketing course

The next year in 2018. I learned all about marketing in depth. As I got tired of learning all by myself, and still, having questions with no answers…
… I attended the most complete online marketing course ever! I bet you never heard of a course like that before, because there is no marketing course like that anywhere else but in my country! 😁
My mentors were two of the most known marketers in this region. Ivan Bildi and Istok Pavlovic. This course used to last for two years!

Year 2018.


There we learned all about:

-Selling funnels
-The best copywriting course I used to finish. Many lessons of it, an hour long… The homework you need to do before you even start writing, and so on.
-Methods of filming professional video ads, like the video for TV or the internet. How to write a scenario for the video (operating again). What kind of scene should be the first one…
-Video editing in professional programs like Adobe Premiere Pro
-A few photography lessons
-Equipment needed for filming, lighting, studio set up
-All about Facebook Ads
-Google Analytics
-Facebook analytics
-Google Ads
-The best method of making landing pages 
-A few lessons in design
-Photo editing in Photoshop
-Photo editing in mobile apps
-Photo editing stories for social media like an Instagram for example
-Making WordPress sites
-Making your site number one authority in your niche 
-All about making a brand logo
-About making a name for the brand or the project
-All about using the right Fonts, like the “science” of fonts
-Psychology in Marketing
-Instagram marketing mostly on how to making visuals and captions
-And so on…



WordPress developing

And you’ll think it was enough for me now…NO!

People used to see my websites and ask me if I could make a website for them also. But, an Imposter syndrome is coming to get me. I thought I shouldn’t do that for others before I learn how to code?!
…Even people are making a websites not knowing how to code at all. The same way I made my two sites the same way, crazy right?

In 2020, The WordPress developing course I attended is The Geek Pack course by dear Julia Taylor.
After knowing WordPress before, now I learned more about: coding, hosting, websites migrations, cleaning malwares and so on.


Now, the main question is how can I help You?
If you have some ideas or more questions, let me know!