All About Blogs

Milady Sladja-Blog administration

You know Blog is one of the best ways to boost your business. Also, your SEO depends on activities that happen on your site. On the one basic site, there is not a lot of things going on there, isn't it?  But if you have a Blog, Google will send traffic to your site.

And that's not all!  

The blog is the best way to reach out to your costumes. You can always discuss about anything you need to promote, about your services, you can write about your products too.  

Besides that, you should tell an anecdote you had about your work experience. Interesting stories entertain people. They should regularly come to your site to read your Blog. When they get need for the service you provide they'll rather come to you than someone else, right?

Blog Facts:

  • 1. A Blog is a marketing method that allows long-term results.
  • 2. It drives up to 70% more traffic to your site.
  • 3. So, it will boost your business.
  • 4. Call to action in a Blog post is often more efficient.
  • 5. Your clients believe you more if they read your posts.
  • 6. It gives a human touch to your site and business.
  • 7. People gonna run for an advice or an information at first, but afterward, they'll prefer to buy from you.
  • 8. Even 80% of your leads can come from your Blog.

Businesses that blog can earn 67 % more leads.

What I love to write about

It would be nice for you to know what topics I love writing about the most. So, my niches are:

-Online marketing 

-Online jobs

-Online marketing tools, and methods

-Astrology and numerology. 

So, here's what I can do for your WordPress or a Blog

1. write a content

2. make a Graphic, or finding a picture for your Blog, 

3. taking care of basic SEO of your WordPress, and Posts.

4. Managing comments on your Blog