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Social Media-Milady Sladja

Illustration by Geralg/ Pixabay

O.K. you run a business. Also, you have devoted a lot of your energy, your money, and love so it would turn successful. Congratulations on your efforts!

Be Bold

I personally think you should be bold in communication with people. To stand out, you need to be  open and honest. Talk about things no one else is talking about in your niche.

Say what you really mean about the struggle people have in your niche:

-A BOLD statements in your niche are always a good thing.
It’s shows you’re really into a problematic, and happy to talk about a possible solution and look for a solution and that you’re willing to work on it.

-Educating your followers about what you do is a win-win situation. People don’t always know exactly what you do, how you do it, or how helpful you can be for them!

Now, other things to think about also…

Let me remind you of the things you should DO to promote your business online almost daily:


How Do You Communicate With Your Clients? 

Do you ask them:

-What problem they desire to solve in the field you’re working?
-What they what to find out about your product or service?

If they ask you something you should always find time to tell them everything they ask you about.
* You need to use online tools for making good and interesting graphics for your social media posts so people would love your posts. Graphics are very attractive and bringing much more consumers than you may think. 

* Also, you should post pictures from your office. You need to show how your product is being produced on social media so everyone can see your working process. Show them how you do your job (product making process) or service.

People love to see what’s happening behind the camera.
* One more suggestion -Give them useful tips and tricks that you have found in your working process. 

It's time-consuming

You already have the headache of all the marketing tasks you need to run. Use me as your painkiller. Good idea, right?

If you want me to help you become more bold and show some good attitude,  I’ll give you a hand! 😎

Please, contact me so we could chat about further details about your social media marketing ideas.