A Scary Business | How to run your business with no Panic

A Scary Business | How to run your business with no Panic

How many times in a day make you think about your failures? So, this is a post about a Scary Business, and how to run your business with no panic attacks, about relationships and business failures you had in your life and why.

How many jobs have you changed?  It’s simple to find a job, to be committed, to have a sort of success at work. It’s easy to continue working in that position by the moment you’re happy doing it. But, not because you neglected to reach your goals? What is the formula for success? When you think like this, ask yourself what is the reason?
How do people succeed… How do they use to fight for themselves, with great results on the and?

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All the things in life are simple, but people make everything hard. Old wisdom is still unprecedented life lessons and the only one we have. Also, our parents taught us something about life, too. Still, we ignore all of that. All these lectures you can put in two basic words:


-Determination and Self-confidence-
The fight against Scary Business

Stay to the end, and you’ll see that achievement has nothing to do with giant steps you make or a sacrifice. Because this is the way many people define their own achievement. And sacrifices are for the religious cults, and not for you! And not for the business either. If you’re sacrificing something, get out from that “cult”. What I have learned is that for success, you’ll a need a plan, a strategy, and a dedication. Perhaps you’ll need time, but you’ll definitely need courage (in psychology this is best known as self-confidence). In translation, a well-constructed plan that you follow and put it in the practice leads you to success doubtless. Not because you have spill your blood and sweat, but because you do every day, those what’s important to you!  Because every day you do those what turned out to be a suitable system and what produces the results.

How to become more confident

You need to know your job well so you feel self-confident. If you want to learn more about the thing you do you can learn a lot of different skills online FOR FREE.

One of the websites where you can learn a lot is CreativeLive. 

How to run your business with no Panic-Milady Slajda
Log in there and watch lessons about business, online marketing, and entrepreneurship. Also, you can buy some courses for only $20 – $90!  So, try it for free first!

– The most common Mistake –


The mistake most of us make is changing our lives too often, changing our jobs. For our lifetime we do a variety of other things. While you’re still young, it’s fun and good, to learn and do a lot of different things. You collect experiences you’ll maybe needed one day.

But, the question remains, will you recall to use all the lessons you’ve got? However, when you become older, you realize you’re now like a too colorful painting. One person with too many experiences, too many faces… A person without a true professional identity!

The more jobs you used to do, more confused you become, and you’ll need more of crystallization process to achieve a success in some work area. This post is about how to manage a system in one business, in one branch. If you change direction, work, action, your professional identity, you’ll be like a child lost in the wood. But, not like a leader who knows what he/she wants and where is going. Do things in your own style, but do it every day. Be persistent towards your ambitions. If you switch jobs, too often it’ll take you nowhere.



To master this skill, you need to write your plan. Buy yourself a nice notebook and a pen.  Write what you need to do, and how you think you should archive your goals.

  • First, write what you want to accomplish in your business.
  • What have you learned, what methods and lessons?
  • You still have your own experiences and knowledge, you do not use.
  • You found out, and you have got a good deal of information from the industry you work in, and from your colleagues.
  • You’ve got directions, some tips, and tricks while reading web pages and blogs, or taking part in social groups, forums.
  • Write about what you liked.
  • Make down methods you liked the most and make a plan for the next week.

Don’t push yourself to do all in one day, but look at -to do list- of the things you should do by the end of the week. Do what you know is necessary and what needs to be done. If you do all the tasks you have set up, after a few weeks you will see the first effects. Can you imagine what you can accomplish after a few months … Or after a year or two? It can be a tremendous thing. You can make your life change for a better!

If we’re talking about Online Jobs, we can say the things are simple, but if you have no discipline, you’ll see no results, and you’ll say it’s too hard.  There is no time when you should show up at work,  there is no boss in the same place with you to push you and controls what you’re doing. So, it’s easy to be lazy, you know.

Even with no boss, remember, you still have a thing to do, and you have the deadlines. Be your own employee and your own boss at the same time.
Do you have a discipline?

You’re being lazy, so you’re getting nowhere. But, there is a solution for that. The Japanese method of dealing with a laziness is based on the practice of doing what you hate the most, just for a minute or two each day. After a few days and weeks, what you avoided, has already become your nature. Now you have seen it’s not so bad experience at the and. You went through the fire and you’re still alive so you see it’s not that scary as it seemed. When you used to do it for a minute, increase it up to 3 minutes a day, once 10 minutes, a half an hour in a day and so on. This is a method for practicing good habits.


-And now a little bit of a Mystic-


People have always believed they shouldn’t reveal their plans, their goals, and desires to no one. Things can go wrong when you talk about your plans for the future. Now they say: “Keep your goals for yourself.”

It has always considered you shouldn’t talk about your plans all around. The purpose is to avoid bad luck. People who aren’t happy to see you succeed may wish you a failure in your plans.
People say this: “Look before you leap!” Right?

And there is the reason for that, you know?
Mysticism does not exist, it’s only a word for things people didn’t have a definition for in the past. But, it will be mystical and fun the things that follow next.

Don't tell your goals to anyone

-Don’t tell your Goals to Anyone-

If you explain to your family and friends, what you are planning to do, what business to start, first, they can tell you something like: -Your head is in the clouds.- Then, after a couple of days, they’ll ask you again “How  your business is going?” And you’ll explain, helping them imagine, talk everything in details, about your plans your fantasy. You aren’t even aware how much energy you spend trying to explain to someone what you’ll do for your own good. Even worse thing is to tell them what you’re planning to do and you haven’t even started it yet! You’ll need a lot of energy and enthusiasm in the first few months, and in the first year. This energy is too easy to be lost if the results not coming as fast as you were hoping. Then everybody will ask you again. – How’s your job doing? And you’ll still damn honest, say: “Well, I don’t know…” This would be bad for you and your self-esteem and the effect you got.

Even if you have people who love to ask thousands of questions in your nearby, who are examining you all in details, they will ask you:

“Well, what do you think to do about this, and how  did you think to solve that, and how will you do this?” People are gonna ask you millions of questions!

And You’re just at the beginning. You still don’t have a solution for many things. You don’t know how you’ll get to the solution yet. Many things and methods you will learn along the way!
The problematic situation is – You do not have an answer to all of the questions about how you’ll going to do this or solve that. So, what you’ll be going to tell to the people when they ask you?
If you are a “lucky”, they’ll just laugh to you a little bit. They’ll be sarcastic. It’s enough for you to see a strange smile on the corner of someone’s lips. It’s not very nice, and to see a wicked smile when you need a support the most, isn’t it?



Especially if you’re just starting your business. Talk little about your plans. But, keep up with your plains. Do what you wrote in your notebook and do it regularly. After a couple of weeks and months when they ask you what do you do. You can say:

“I’m into… (a business) and it’s getting better and better.” (because you do it for weeks, and months now, right?).

And it sounds much, much better than – I’m planning to start this and that. I’m optimistic, so I hope everything will be fine + (your stupid smile).

Another reason why you need to work MORE and talk LESS… The scientists have concluded when we talk about something, in our brain, the image is created as if we are already in the situation we’re talking about. Our brain has an illusion we have already achieved the goal. Like everything has already happened. The brain can’t tell a difference between reality and fiction. Also, can’t tell a difference between the past the future we fantasy about. If you convince yourself and your brain that the work is done and everything is settled, you’ll not be going to get a new energy to work with. Because you’ve convinced yourself that the goal is achieved. It’s done! You can even feel tired like if you had done a really hard job.

But, this brain illusion is excellent for other psychological methods. To break the fear of a failure! You heard about various methods of practical psychology. The methods of a so-called subconscious mind (author Josephus Marfi), or for the Luiz Hey’s books, then the Secret, and Abraham’s teaching, or the Power of autosuggestion. It all comes down to encourage yourself and break through the small borders that tighten you down. Your subconscious mind also is trying to afraid you and assures you that these are your limitations and you can’t do better…Your brain keeps you in captivity, and you feel safe here in the so-called comfort zone, just because your small world it’s all you know. So, you’re afraid to get out of that box where it’s boring. It makes you tired and ruined.
So we came to the next magic word … self-confidence.


-Self-confidence –

Never undermine yourself. Others will do it for you.
You’ll not be going to get a lot of strength and courage from others. Maybe you’ll get a compliment here and there, to encourage you. Maybe you have no money to pay a LIFE COACH who’ll work with you on a daily basis. Who’s gonna take your hand and lead you like if you’re a child? You’re your best tutor, influencer, and friend, most of the time. Remember it. Many people didn’t even have parents who used to support them.



You should have your own Affirmation, Mantra, Prayer, Spell… That you repeat not to the others, but to yourself. You can find a lot of affirmations online. Type word “Affirmations” to Google Images and you find the one you can feel like if it’s someone wrote it for you. It would be best to write in your own words what you want your reality to be like. And you write it at the present time. You will need it.

Scary Business - Affirmations -Milady Sladja

Here are some of the easiest affirmations you can use.

“Whatever I plan, I make it happen.” – This is good, it teaches you a discipline.
“I have a great focus.”
“If I’m in a difficult situation, I always find a quick and efficient solution to every problem.” This affirmation is powerful if you are afraid you cannot manage the problems that come along the way.
“My business is growing more and more every day because I run it so well.”
If you don’t like those affirmations, you can find other ones online. Just don’t let yourself get into bad thoughts. Don’t let your fears overpower you.


-How to Deal with the Clients-

Do the job you think you know best at this moment. Do what you know a lot about. More about how to find your way into online word read HERE. You can choose a job you have an experience in, or you can choose to learn something new. But, always offer quality. Also,  upgrade your knowledge. Be in good relationships with clients. Always be fair. Keep your word, and then you can insist he or she keeps theit. Define what the client expects from you, arrange a deadline. But don’t let them confuse you by giving you many instructions all over again and lose your time.

Don’t let them your clients tell you what your price should be. If you think they are too demanding, or that the price they offer is too low so tell them. Have an attitude. The more you stick to your attitude and stand up in your own defense, the more professional impression you will make. Every client will be happy with the employee like that, ‘course he/ she gets the impression of a mature and serious person who knows what is doing.

In the world of online Jobs, there is a big hunt going on out there. There are clients out there who want to pay you much less than you deserve. Let’s go back to self-confidence. If your clients feel you don’t have a lot of self-confidence, they’ll try to get an advantage of you.

For someone, you’re an excellent worker who does a certain job for the money you deserve. As you want to create yourself to be an ideal business person, create also your ideal client in your head as well. You should always know what kind of person you would like to work with, and with what kind you wouldn’t. Make a list of the features that your client has. Second thing how you want he/she to treat you. Don’t allow a different type of clients gets into your life.

If you think the person you are working for doesn’t understand your needs, explain it to him. First explain your future client: What you do, how you do it, and what’s a value of your work. Look for a person with whom you can work nicely for both sakes. If you see or feel that someone doesn’t respect you enough and doesn’t offer you what you need, or you have the feeling someone is tempting your limits and trying to exploit you, quit that job and go on. There’re also better clients with whom it’s better to work with. Remember, you can choose!

And in the end my formula for success is:


The formula is simple! Your business doesn’t need to take your blood, sweat, and tears. And you don’t have to be sacrificed. There is always a cooler way 🙂



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