All about Instagram -II part

All about Instagram -II part

Read this post and learn all about Instagram!

Let’s start with a visual part of your feed. Maybe you still don’t know you can choose more filters down below, before they publish the photo.
When you take a photo and click Next, it’ll open standard filters like:

Normal, than Calendon, Moon and so on and so on …

To get more filters, go all the way to the end. The last filter is Nashville. Then, you have the Manage option, with the gear icon. Click on it and you can choose more filters. Also, you can change their position. Do you may want your favorite filter to be on the 1. 3. or 7th position. Choose!  Also, you can turn on inactive filters!
Did you know that there are inactive filters on Instagram?

I have prepared a short video, but as Word Press doesn’t allow me to publish a video from the desktop, so here are the pictures.

So, Manage option is right at the end of all the filters. Then pull your favorite filters up to get near the top so it would be easier for regular use.

Then, at the bottom of the filter, you have a bunch of new filters coming up regularly, and you haven’t seen them yet, so you haven’t even activated them yet. 🙂  

Hashtags and how to follow different topics using them

If you’re interested in a specific topic, you can follow posts that have the hashtags you’re interested in. For example, you want to follow  #fashion. Here’s how to do it:

Open your Instagram account, go down the left click on the loupe symbol.  Enter the hashtag you’re interested in, and search it in the search engine on Instagram. 
When you do this, you’ll see how many posts with this hashtag are on Instagram right now.

For example, I’ve added #marketingdigital, and I got 6.8 million posts with hashtag marketing digital. If you click on the blue line follow, Instagram will regularly send all the posts with this hashtag in your feed. So you’ll follow digital marketing topic.

There are many accounts that use the same topic, and the same hashtag.
If you follow some account for one specific topic you want to read about and they often go to another topic you do not care about. That‘s why it’s better to follow only the posts with the topic you want to see. 

Why follow private individual profiles and listen to their talk on everything, when you can narrow your focus just on the post you’re interested in reading about. Do you agree?

How to appear on the hashtag search

Step 1

If you want to your post to get on the search page,  use the hashtag for that specific niche you want people to see you on the search page.

Step 2

Ask people to share your post, especially in their stories… But, ask them to add that your specific hashtag in the description below the pic they share, or to add that hashtag in their story if that‘s where they share your post.

You often see people write “Share this post using #blablabla hashtag.”

The more followers you have, the more it’s important to use your own original hashtags, the one that matches your niche (narrow focus), a specific hashtag so people will be able to find you using it in the search option.

In my last post, we’ve been talking about how important it’s having your own hashtag that only you use. long hashtags (that’s also known as a long-tailed hashtag) made up using several words.

When you get your own long-tail hashtag, you can track your own posts and see how many users each specific hashtag has. You can ask people to use your hashtags while sharing your posts and they’ll automatically promote you and your posts, your product or service.

You may not feel comfortable promoting your offer using DM messages, but keep reading and then think again.

To read more Instagram and hashtags, go to on my previous POST.

How to use DM (direct messages) for selling your service or your product 

Spreading the word about your product or service via direct messages …
I KNOW!  I don’t feel comfortable about that either but, when you send your first 5 offers after that, it‘s become easy, like a joke.

🙂 You’re getting used to it and you’re no longer feel embarrassment. This is a common system of selling the products or services on social media, especially this one. Well, let’s go!

When it’s about a cold approach (addressing people you don’t know is therefore called cold) and business gurus are increasingly advising to offer a short simple and simple forms using 3 to 5 sentences only.
 Write to the people you want to send your offer something like this:

“Hey, my name is ______________ I’m working with people in your industry in the last few years (months whatever)” …

Please mention your working style or give an example of exactly what you’ll do for a client, and what results he/ she can expect.
All, in just 5 sentences. Complete your offer with …

“I think we’re a feat. We should leave a conversation.”

Or you end up with:

“I have 2 spots available. If you’d like to ( note the results you create or a benefit  your product has) without (an issue a person has right now)  pm me and let me know Greeting! “ 

So, without bothering them, you’re selling and negotiate.

Just drop your offer to the table and you’ve already done the hardest part of this job.

Look at what you can fix for them. Advise them how you would improve their work and write just 2 suggestions to them. So write what you would do for them if they accept the deal.

This is the suggestion of Landon Porter, the head of a Facebook face group:

-Gorilla Army Nation (Getting Clients Without Being Salesy) –


If you like popular Internet challenges here is another challenge for you. What you can do this is the suggestion from You Tuber Jasmin Star which goes this way …

Send  200 DM messages per day to your potential customers and get some benefit from the DM campaign!

Trought the time you’ll get to a certain quality as you’ll continue improving your skill.

When you send your messages via DM, know that a few of them will ever answer. Many will answer but they’ll say:
“Thank you, I have that. I don’t need it right now.” 

However, after a few days sending 200 DMs for a day, you’ll end up with 15 clients who want to work with you.

You don‘t even need more than that, it‘s enough!  Later on, you’ll get recommendations from them and you’ll move on. 


At the end of each DM offer, complete the offer with these words:

… “If we’re not a good fit at the moment, don‘t worry, but feel free to send my contact to the people you think my service (or product) would need it. Thank you! 

Practice says that people will often send your contact to other people and these people will practically work for you and advertise you, as you will do for others, I believe.

To remind you this is socialization! That’s what the internet is about, and what Instagram is about. Not just to do posting and liking pictures and posts. This is how our cooperations, our business, promotion is expanding. 

There is something that’s called influencer marketing or marketing you get from influences from your niche. Such promotions can cost a lot of money.

One of the best promotions is to pay influencer with many followers to mention you in some post or story, to talk about your product or service. You get a great number of followers from this person whom people believe.

Video, Video, and Videos 

Those what you can do by yourself is to do a video marketing.

For the last couple of years, video is the absolute marketing tool number1! 

People trust you only if they see you if they watch you if they listen to you. If they “know” you, somehow or have the feeling they know you. We believe to the people we follow and often see online.

So, we believe in their product or service. After months of watching you on the Internet, they’ll rather ask for your service who they know and respect, but service of a person whose posts they used to read without seeing them or hearing them.

Sometimes you don‘t even believe that people you haven’t seen are real, sometimes you think it is a half fake account.

I used to do video marketing. I admit I’m not as regular as I should, but I’ll be doing better soon.
What you should do when a Video Marketing is about is … 

Shoot a video of you, 2.3 minutes long, publish it on Stories.
Just add your video where you talk about your business, service, where you’re explaining what you do, how you do it, and get to inform them more about your business.

A used to write about similar topic
The Influencer | How They Do Their Job And How They‘re Earning

IGTV -Instagram TV and how to use it

This is even easier! It‘s a better solution because a relatively new algorithm on Instagram automatically published your IGTV video on your feed.

So you don’t have to bother yourself about posting it. So, it‘s much easier now.  This is a much better promotion for you now.

Square screens and dimensions 1:1 

Also, what you can do with a very popular method is making square videos for Instagram.

This can be done in several ways. 

-In mobile applications. One of this app is -Jane.  You can download it from the Play Store.

There you’ll find a great choice of templates for long video 9: 16 and for video 1: 1 video.

Above, below, and sideways, you’ve already created rebon” an empty space where you can enter your text and description of the videos people see.

Carusel – Instagram Option

One more thing you should use on Instagram, which I suggest to you is to use the Carousel feature on Instagram.

You know, that’s when you got several pictures one behind each other. The practical side of this is to point out – what happened, chronologically, in some process you’ve been through. 

Use this option to make short tutorials, lessons, made of 5 to 10 steps.
So,  – How to make a blabla … 

For example, make a tutorial – Bla, bla in 3 steps –

Then add 3 photos. Show 1. step of the process, 2. step…3. step on how can people do something.

I posted something like that, a year ago.

He was proved to be a good method. I plan to continue with this method, and I advise you too! 

This is all about the Instagram feed nowadays, although I will still be talking about it.

If you need a professional Instagram manager for your Instagram profile, here I am. 🙂 

The next post III part of Instagram will be about Story! How to create stories manually, and how to use and which apps for stylish editions. 

Thanks for reading. Bye! 🙂

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