Blogging plan for the next 12 months

Blogging plan for the next 12 months

(Last Updated On: July 10, 2018)

If you’re a Blogger, you must be been challenged by a blogging plan and be setting your posts, for a few weeks and months ahead. And I’ve been bothered by these concerns too. Helpfully, our brain is such a remarkable machine it resolves the tasks by itself. 🙂

So, I got to this solution which just “came up.” It’s just that some theme appeared as an idea for the next post. When I get one idea, the other ones just came up, more.  They are multiplying like a cell division.
There came an idea about writing posts about blogging. After that, the following idea about a posting on social networks appeared. Then the next idea came about writing comments. And next one, and next one. Like there was no and. I hurried to write it down before it all gets evaporate. So, I got a basic plan that looks like this …

Create your blog posts | Blogging plan

We’ll go a step further and not only make a plan for a few months ahead, but we’ll create posts in a year ahead! Yes, I know it sounds too hard and maybe impossible. Let’s see how this is possible.
If we want to make a blogging plan for a year ahead about what we’ll write in our Blog posts, we need to simplify the whole thing. The way to make this simple is to create topics for each month of the year. We create a topic for a whole month.

You are now thinking: “Well, I don’t write once a month, but once a week or twice a week.”

How to make weekly posts?

Let’s take you write once a week. So, 4 -5 posts a month. For every week posts, we’ll take sub-topics within a monthly theme. So, the monthly theme is basic to us. A week topics are those that emerge from it and it gets to relate to the basic month theme. Here’s how it might look like


JANUARY  |  The main topic of this month is, for example- Social Media Marketing 

Then, we create for topics for the next weeks
1. week  – Make a content for social media
2. week – Visual content
3. week – Comments on social networks
4. week – Call others via Inbox to Join you and Follow you.

Analysis of this Blogging plan – In short

As you have seen in the first case – Januar’s month theme in general. It only guide us and it helps us to wrap one whole month. This helps us to keep one direction. All other ideas that come up, fall into various categories we’ll sort out for each week.

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The next  example

FEBRUARY  | The main topic of this month – PLAN YOUR BUSINESS STRATEGY
Weekly topics:
1. week –  Plan your time during the day
2. week – List of your goals for the next 6 months
3. week –  A strategy for achieving these goals
4. week – Business Mindset

Excess week topics

You’ll get a lot more ideas than just for 4 weeks. If you have a couple of themes more, you can write them down and continue the series under the 5. week …
Well, although it does not exist, also note the 6. week, if you have more topic ideas. The point is to record an inspiration.I hope you’ll have 10 weeks! The main point is to remind yourself – to create posts so that you have enough to cover your topics month – Excesses should not be dismissed, it’s very welcome! For example, one extra week of sub-topics may be one of the main month topics for the October.Therefore, if you have more, you should also note them, it’s necessary.

One more example:

Weekly topics:
1. week – How to write a mail Headline everyone wants to open
2. week – What and how to write a Mail for Sale
3. week – How to draw a conclusion
4. week – Call for action in email copy
And so on, from month to month. It’s easy! It spread each theme in multiple directions and more possibilities.

Lack of weekly topics, now what?

When you think you’ve spent all the options and you have no ideas anymore but you only got to a month of June, don’t panic. Leave as much as you have by so far. While surfing the net, and looking for answers to some of your questions, you’ll get a lot of the new ideas. You’ll want to write an article about what has bothered you. How did you solve the problem and inspire others?
Also, don’t stick to the written plan strictly. If you have imposed a monthly theme it’s most interesting to you at the moment, write this month about it, and not exactly what you’ve planned. Scroll back to the planned month topic later on. You don’t have a boss over your head. It’s important to go where your heart leads you.
Do not give up on your basic plan. In this every day you’ll have what to write about a little by little every day making a weekly post, with no pressure.
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Start now!

I started an example from a January. As if I started from the beginning of the year, only as the example. You’ll make your own plan. The topic you like to think about and write, will start in your calendar, let’s say from a month of May.
Don’t waste time. Surely you have all kind of ideas every day. Now, it only needs to be categorized and see in what monthly topic or weekly topic they fit.

If you liked this article, please make it work for you! Also, if you have something to add or give your own example or a plan for several months in upfront, write us in the comments below!

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Thanks for reading my post!

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