Email signatures |  Promote yourself by using an email settings

Email signatures | Promote yourself by using an email settings

(Last Updated On: April 3, 2018)

Email signatures

Are we all not looking for free ways to make some promotion of our brand, our work, hobbies, and the values we believe in? Email signatures are the perfect method you will be happy with.
One of the marketing points is to use a method rather than just money for promotion purpose.
Adroitness is something has no price. But, there are also methods for which you do not nee even that. This method has become popular because of its simplicity and availability.

Possibilities of free marketing

Let’s see:

  • How many times a day do you use your email box?
  • How many e-mail accounts do you have?
  • How many private addresses | how many businesses do you have?
  • How many people do you communicate via e-mail during the day?
  • How many people really know you?- Who you are and what do you do. What products or services you offer?
  • Could you be interested in knowing how you can help them know you better?
  •  How often you introduce yourself?

We often communicate with people for one reason by talking about topics that connect us right now. After a long time, you find out more about a person who is even more interesting than you thought.  How much time does it take to get to know someone?
Do they know what you do and what benefits they can have thanks to your knowledge?

Example: You communicate with some company whose product you’re thinking to buy. They know nothing about you, nor about your professional engagement.
Now imagine, if, down below your mail,  is something like your online business card? Imagine your image on it, or company’s logo, with an information about you and your  business:

a photo | logo
your profession,
link to your site,
your professional e-mail address, and
 icons that link them to your social media profiles.

The way of promoting the hobby of yours or an additional job is easy sometimes.

Even if you do not have your private business. Let’s imagine you’re working in a company for years, but you are crazy about your hobby and you’re proud of it. Maybe you make jewelry, write blogs, you have a side job that brings you some money too. Anything can be a trigger to create your “business card” that will stand at the bottom of your mail.

How to add your email signature

The data you can add to this signature is very diverse. Basic name, surname, profession or hobby and contact, are basic.
If we’re talking about contact option, you can only leave a link to your blog or site. However, many people add their phone number, e-mail, links to their FB page, link to their site. You can add your portfolio and clickable social media icons. There’s also a call to action option.


There is an opinion that it is not good to leave too many possibilities to a people. Not too many ways to contact you. It’s so-called Paradox of Choice. As more possibilities, your potential clients get, more it confuses them. In the end, they may not choose any of the choices!
You will find signatures full of data, so you just don’t know where to look at.

Call to action in email signature

You will also see people leave a notice about discounts they currently offer. Call to action for example:

– SALE!  And a link to your site. Other people mentioned something that’s the most important offer they have at the moment.
-link to the Etsy product you want to promote for example.
-Also, those who want to build an email list invite you to take an E-book for free from their site.

 Portfolio in your signature

Some people add a link to their YouTube videos because they have a portfolio that they want to promote at the moment.  Musicians often do this, also actors and youtube stars.  Further, those who run courses and a give some lessons.

Email in your signature Yes or No?

The question is – Why leaving your email address if a person is already getting messages from you?! Many people think this is pointless, so they advise you not to leave an email address in your email signature.  However, every mail generator among the information you can add gives you the option to add your email address. Why?

One YES  |  Or When you should do it

Well, most of us, as I said before, have more than one e-mail address. Let’s say we now communicate via my private email address.  But my professional e-mail signature is down on the bottom of the mail. There is an information about my business, link to my site, and WORKING email address too. This is the reason why my professional email address is there. See?

One more YES

An email signature is something like your Online Visit Card. And it can be used for this purpose too. Copy it and send it to someone who asks for your professional information and contact to you.
In this case shouldn’t all of your business information be here?

If you do not want to continue to use your signature in your mail, just delete your information you don’t want to be there and crop an image after saving it. Or just copy an information you want them to see. A piece of cake!

When NOT to use it

If you have one private email address through which you communicate with people. So, you do not have your site and biz e-mail address. In that case, you leave your hobby or business information in your signature. So, you do all the communication via your private email address. This means you write from that only address you have. So, the person already has your mail, and it’s unnecessary to explain to them what’s the address they can write to you.
One more NOT is if you write from your business email address below which you set up your email signature with your business data. Again, there is no need, among other necessary information such as the phone number, the link to the site, to put the mail that a person already has.

Your image is YES  or NO

This is the question that opens with professional resumes. There are reasons FOR and reasons for NOT placing your image in the signature. Read about all the things you should consider before you decide.
Against the picture
Some people are against adding their own image because they feel people decide on you by your physical appearance. Doesn’t matter are you more or less satisfied with yourself? It is irrelevant as long as you don’t want others to get confused about concepts such as -form and essence-. Those who do not want to add their pic in their email signature, add their company’s logo or some hobby activity’s logo and it is OK. In addition, if your logo has become more recognizable than your face, this is the reason you should use it more.

Another reason

Another reason is if someone does not like to be exposed. Many people are terrified of the big brother’s phenomenon and the fact that Google gives you a large amount of information about you only by your picture. Therefore, they consider it’s better to present the company.
One more reason for some people is, they think it’s unprofessional to have a picture of a person as an association to a company, product or service that offer. This way of thinking is an old school someone would say.

YES for the picture

Today, personal branding is a big topic in marketing.  Many influencers say the personal branding is recommended as a marketing method. Many people have small businesses so they are small entrepreneurs. They branded themselves to the moment when their picture is more recognizable on the Internet than their company’s logo. That’s why they’ll add their own image to their email signature.
Another reason for posting your image is that your business presentation is more humane and natural that way.
Many people prefer to be in – person to person – contact but with -a company to a company- contact.  There is a debate going on the Internet, you will notice.

One reason MORE

for the picture may be that in this world you are basically alone. Alone in your fight for your business. From time to time, you can work in some company with a certain group of people and after that start on your own business. This does not stop you from having a personal promotion. Or it may happen that you are in some job for years, but you got tired of it. Later you want something similar. You can change firms, but people who know your quality they have confidence in you and are satisfied with the previous co-operation. They want to work with you again. And if you made some change in your work, many people who respect you will go with you and continue to use yours maybe a different type of services, knowledge, and skills. Because they believe in you.
Maybe we’re getting away from the topic. But it was worth it, wasn’t it?

Make a free signature

There are many sites on the Internet that offer you to make your email signature. One of them is the generator on the  Hub Spot site.  Go here

Immediately to say, I had a problem my picture was not loaded at all. If this happens to you change the pictures size.
The first option is -Main where you leave your business data.

  • In the Social option, you add links to social networks.
  • And in the Style option, you can select the colors for your signature.
  • The following option is CTA or -Call to Action. So, make your call to action if you like.
  • The last option is Certification where you can leave your certificate.
  • On the right side, the information you enter is immediately displayed. Below you have a drop-down menu that says -Choose a theme for your signature:
    -Here you can change how your signature will look like, the form of it. The picture can be above the text, below the text or on the side.

If you want a more colorful signature, use
Filling out data also goes easy.

One of the most interesting is maybe which offers perhaps the most diverse choice.

Another option is
Email signatures look nice and very professional. So it’s good to have it on the bottom of your emails.
Try out and tell me your thinking on this topic. Do you use mail signatures already?

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