Free Marketing Secrets

Free Marketing Secrets

(Last Updated On: September 2, 2018)

 Surely your goal is to get the best possible effect on online advertising, using less as money you can. Here are free marketing secrets + It’s gonna fill your pockets as well.
As soon as you read those tips, it’s important for you to begin using it in practice, almost EVERY DAY.  You’ll get good results out of it!


Secret number 1 | Specific Images and Graphics

If you watch carefully, you can’t help but notice how much effort is investing in a visual experience. Not only because
A picture is worth a 1000 words.– But also because it creates feelings! You know when you see something online and realize that others have the same experience and image in their heads as you for some situation. Therefore, today various visuals are used to illustrate the experience and show how we feel about some topic.
Some of the most popular types of images you should use for your marketing are:

MEMES  This is usually a funny picture. The point is on the face of a person in the pic. It is used to demonstrate what you think of something you’re currently reading. You’ve probably seen somebody add a picture of a guy rolling his eyes about someone’s stupid comment. It’s clear to you what he thinks about the whole thing when you see that meme, right?

Funny meme pictures will nail what you have to say about your product or service. Together with a real comment, sometimes a combination of image and text make a great impact on a reader. This kind of marketing is typical for social media where you need a dynamic communication with a dose of humor is very desirable.



INFOGRAPHIC is a more serious form that used to draw attention to the topic and much more than it. Those are images of elongated forms that have become very popular on the social network Pinterest. Their purpose is to give you an entire lesson in an abbreviated form through an interesting picture. This is a very popular type of visuals used by bloggers to draw attention to your copy. When you literary see in the picture what blogger it trying to tell you, everything is much easier to understand. You had already got the point, and now you want to read copy for more details.

The mistake is that many companies and firms still make is not using this type of advertising and explanations of their products and services. Otherwise, these infographics are shared like crazy. The condition is that they should be done very well to support a popular topic.
If you stick to your contact information, your brand name, site, or logo it’s even more likely for your reader to remember you.

-POSTERS, BANNERS, PHOTO  This is the most commonly used form on Instagram. It’s also very desirable for all other social media. Make a poster and some motto or quote that goes with your written content.

Some of the posters are made in the form of classic posters you see all over the streets and billboards. Others are more informative in terms of the title for the text that follows, this is also often seen on Pinterest or on Facebook ads.

-STATUSES AND QUOTES. Perhaps you are also overwhelmed with various quotes known to be shared across social networks in combination with different backgrounds. This form of visual attention is not only boring but can also be counterproductive. Don’t allow yourself to add the same quotes as others do. It’s not gonna bring you any points.

Be more original is to make your own quote that will be recognizable and gonna represent you and your brand!

Secret number 2 | Written content

OK. This may not sound like something new to you. It is IMPORTANT to write your blog and copy that represent YOU and YOUR work.
But it’s also important to make a micro-content on social media. This micro-content is little parts copied from your Blog posts. Share it on the social media. Any written content that speaks about your profession, shows what you stand for and what you do. This is a way to show your expertise in your niche.

The copy in a shorter form, in combination with the above-described original images you just create according to your wishes, really makes wonders. If you do this on daily basis using just one social media, but persistently and regularly, you can get far in your business. People like to follow those who have something interesting to say. Readers appreciate this and they will follow you. Also, ’cause they trust you now, it’s more likely they’ll want to work with you. Wanting to get MORE your product or services but someone’s else.

This method doesn’t require much money from you, not even a penny. But, this method forces you a lot more. You need to have a lot of creativity, imagination, ideas. A lot of effort every day and a lot of work. If you do not have all of this, there are people who do this on a professional level for you virtual Assistants who are not free as this marketing method. In any case, this regular presence online will be paid off multiple times if you work smart. on this project.

Secret number 3 | Email signatures

Certainly, not many of you used it this. It’s a very simple, fast, and a good marketing method. It works for you, while you replying to your emails. What it’s about?

There are free generators online will help you create your “online business card” that will sit at the bottom of each of your mail. You can always be signed by your image, business position, and link to your site or contact phones, even social media buttons. You want to find out more read  HERE.




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