How to choose your work area as a Virtual Assistant

How to choose your work area as a Virtual Assistant

(Last Updated On: July 10, 2018)

I’m gonna show you how to choose your work area as a Virtual Assistant in this online job. The first and basic thing in every online job is choosing your professional life.

Ask yourself, what are the areas in which you dominate?


Where do you see yourself in the online job, so you can say: “Yes, that’s me!”

Be simple and practical. Ask yourself:

  • What are the areas in which you have had success in the past?
  • What is the thing you always wanted to do?
    Now is the moment. Even as a hobby, and maybe it has nothing to do with your profession? Understand this. The online market is a global village, and the possibilities are innumerable.
  • What is the work in which you have the most experiences in, so you have it in the palm of your hand?
  • In which area people ask you for advice or help?


Recall the experience or knowledge you have. This is something one can take away from you? This is your Holy Grail.


By doing what you know best, you love the most


When you do what you know the best, you can make a profit of it. Even job you want I didn’t describe that Virtual Assistants do if you know how to do it, opportunities are on your side.
This is a job that allows you to work from your home, sitting in your garden, or while you are on a journey.

There is also the so-called term -Online Nomads. Because you will not be attached to any geographic area, to any country.

Even you are still in the system, you will not depend on it.  Even though the complete freedom is an illusion and utopia, this jobs gives you a lot of freedom in every aspect. But there are no safety incomes, you are on your own. New generations take it for granted, and the issue is that the most of other people should adjust to this new working system.


The Other types of jobs

We have come out from the subject of the Virtual Assistant a little bit, but you should know you can do things in the education area:

* Many people sell courses online. They create their own online courses on a variety of skills, and knowledge. They use Skype and got paid pay through PayPal, for example. Not to talk about possibilities that programmers, designers, artists have. They work online and delivered it to the other part of the world.

* There are people who offer financial advice. An investment advice. Psychologists who offer psychological support, you name it.

* We all ask for help or advice. You know a lot about some subject better than most other people do. The one who asks you for help knows less than you, so you are in a good position in that moment.

If you need more confirmations for jobs I suggested to you look at this

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When you work in the new business area, you will learn out a lot of new things. Your potentials are expanding, you grow and so your earnings are growing too. At least your additional revenue sources are secured.

Do you want to have a side job for extra money or as a career announcement doesn’t matter, think about it!


Sladjana Rajević

I help entrepreneurs run their business online, as a Copywriter Virtual Assistant in the marketing field. Also, I'm thrilled about Internet's benefits and possibilities. So, that's my hobby. My other hobbies are ancient civilizations and knowledge, especially astrology.

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