Social Media For Marketing | Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn

Social Media For Marketing | Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn

(Last Updated On: October 30, 2018)

It’s important to learn the way each social network works. More you know about each of them you’ll get a better result. I’ll walk you through the basic elements of every social network. The rules of the game each of them at the moment. I say at the moment because each of them often changes its algorithms and their rules.

 FacebookFacebook milady sladja

Everyone knows the most common way to promote your work, hobby, and your business used to be a private Facebook profile. It started as a platform for people to socialize and exchange information with one each other. Every single person used his FB profile to advertise its own business, which provides him/her with additional income. Later, FB realized the need for people to advertise. So, the business pages came on. You can use a business page and your private page for marketing as well.

 The ideas and tricks for Facebook marketing

  • The Image dimensions Fb profile image should be 180 x 180 px
    Cover image – Banner 851 X 315 px
    The image you share 1200 x 630
  • The same rule applies to all over the online world. –Social media or Blog posts with the picture bring 65% more engagements than a post with no pic.
  • The “daily dose” of posts on Facebook should be 1 to 2 times the most. Everything more than it will make you look like you’re bored than having something to say.
  • The optimal time of day for posting on Facebook is:
  • From 1 to 4 pm and between 6 – 10 pm.
    The most useful time for posting on FB is from 10 pm- 2 pm

# Hashtags and Facebook

This network isn’t planned for use of Hashtag and they say it’s useless. But, it’s a great reason to use a Hashtag if you wish to point out a brand or nail the idea. We could say the hashtags on the Facebook has the same effect as bold letters. Did you get it?

On this social network, it’s recommended simply to be open to the people. But do not let it get you to the point to forget your marketing goal. Anyone can be your potential customer there. A friendly approach is basic and remembers this: Lead the chat to your business goal. FB groups. The fact is that the main “party” is happening in FB groupsFacebook profiles and FB business pages are just the top of the iceberg if you wish. 

 Groups are doing a much larger job than FB pages itself.  It’s recommended that your brand or brand you support has its own FB group. Follow the further instructions

  1.  Ask readers the questions they need to answer
  2. Create a poll in which everyone wants to take part
  3. Establish the topics that lead to discussion and keep FB users in your group
  4. Share specific information along with a call to action by calling readers to use your service or buy some of your products.

  pinterest milady sladja  Pinterest

If you’re asking me, this is the most interesting social media that creates addiction. It is best for getting essential information of all kinds. You can pick up many different skills, seeking inspiration, promote your product or service. Pinterest is a social network that is a catalog of anything you can imagine. Pinterest is made of links people put to their sites and blogs. Each of the links you see is called a Pin. They should look like elongated pictures, made for this social media site.

If you use Pinterest for advertising, include all the important details in your Biography section. Explain who you are and what you do, what you offer. And leave a link to your site or blog. 

It’s necessary to have as many Board sections as you can. Some boards can be full of your own pins. Most of the board pins are related to the topic in which you work, and the products you promote.


Pinterest special elements 

This social network is well-known for their special, elongated images people make for the needs of the Pinterest. You can create them in online tools or web design sites like Canva, PicMonkey, Crello, Snappa. In each of these sites first, you choose the canvas dimensions for a specific social media. For the Pinterest, you choose option Pinterest, and you’ll see that the dimensions of this elongated graphics are 735 x 1102 pixels.

-The profile images should be 165 x 165
-There are no dynamic chats going on here, as you used to see on the Facebook. There are not many discussions on the Pins. It’s not forbidden, but people use their time more to read the blogs and to learn something new than to chat and write comments.

It is important to install a Chrome extension for your browser. In this way, you will be able to Pin a blog you like about a blog of your own. Just click on the Pinterest icon in the upper right corner.
You will find tips, solutions, and instructions for any issue you have. People share their posts on their blogs and sites. You can read other peoples blogs. Read their stories and advice about how they managed to fix some problem. If you have a business problem or if you have the experience you want to share, the Pinterest is the best social media for that purpose. Most of the blog posts here are like: How to … do this. How to solve that problem…

If you are an artistic soul, there are millions of fantastic paintings in the art Boards, make-up, design, architecture, you name it. As someone who offers marketing services to the clients, you will also get a lot of ideas on how to deal with an online business.

Beautiful warm colors like red, rosy and green shades are recommended on this social network.

The Pinterest search engine is almost as perfect as Google’s. The algorithm works perfectly.

Did you know…

A Pinterest’s search engine can also read the text in the pictures. Also, the search option will feel what you are looking for according to your previous search. You’ll also receive regular reports about your interests and the pins of the people you’re following, and who shared or tried your pin.
According to the advice of people with Pinterest experience, pin 10 to 15 pints per day?! I think it’s too much! Quality is more important than a quantity! I think 5 pins of a quality and original content is the best advice.

You should pin Blog post over and over again in the same group board BUT, in that case, make many different pin pictures.

  • If you have any kind of private job or hobby, you can promote it together with beautiful pictures and your personal story.
  • It is very important the images be of a specific format and vibrant colors.
    Often behind the post and pieces of advice is offered a course on the topic you are reading about. So if you’re interested you can pay for the course and get complete training from people who know a lot about something, and now they teach others.
  • If you have accumulated knowledge, it’s good to offer your own online course. Share your knowledge and methods of solving a problem. Teaching others something you know brings good results. People run, marketing, business, cooking and many other courses.

It’s very important to be part of the group boards on Pinterest where you share your Pins. A very large number of people can see it and become your followers. 

How to find the appropriate groups with the boards in your niche?

Go to

In the drop-down menu in the blue square, select the category you need. Below is a list of groups, but you can see the most pins and members. It tells you in the table how many groups have members, how many companions and how many pins. Choose a group that will give you the wind in your back. To join the group, ask the group owner for access. The group founder and administrators you’ll find on the board. You’ll find administrator image in the first left circle above. Contact them by email or leave a comment on their pin and ask for an invitation. 

If you are a blogger and write articles, Blog posts, Pinterest is a site where you have to be.
This social network is still growing and the number of its users is constantly increasing. People use Pinterest when they need to decide on the products they want to buy. That’s why this site is even more important because we all use it as a catalog of all we need.

This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links. 

Before we move on, I have to tell you can also take a Social Media Marketing Courses for only $18 to %90 dollars each.

Social Media Marketing Courses

Also, you can watch a lot of live courses on this site For FREE!


 Instagram Milady SladjaInstagram

This is a social network that is also based on photos just like Pinterest. But the Instagram algorithm is very similar to the FB algorithm. The fact is that it’s also based on thumbnails, but Instagram is a different form. Besides the pictures, the fundamental elements are hashtags. The topic you are interested you will search using the # symbol.

What you should know about Instagram

  • If you want more people to find your pic. on the Instagram, you need to add the ideal 10-12 hashtags.
  • The size of the pictures should be 1080 x 1080 px
  • There is not a lot of description, explanations, nor a lot of comments here.
  • The bad side of Instagram is that you can’t add a link to your site. You can only leave a link that people can copy and paste to the Google in additional to get to read your Blog post.
  • Entrepreneurs and business owners advertise their brand by adding a picture.” The picture is worth a thousand words” is the rule for this social network. There is not much communication here either. You’ll see an image and a simple description. That’s why to be creative in this way of advertising.

Beside the pictures, in 2017. Instagram introduced us to the Story feature. The point is to take a short video around 20 seconds long. Besides the short video format, the story option allows you to add items to a picture like, for example, text, colors, effects, stickers and then publish a beautiful video or image.
Instagram had stolen a Story feature from the – Snap chat and made Story feature even more popular.
Instagram has 51% of active users, and most of them use an application several times a day. So, this is a fantastic marketing platform.

Most of the people use Instagram from their mobile phones and it’s hard to use it from your PC. However, there is a solution to this. To use an Instagram from your Desktop, I suggest several solutions:

1. Install the Gramblr. It’s a small app. The problem with it is that you can not edit the photos or use the Story option.

2. Install the Chrome extension – Desktop for Instagram

3. Go to and download the app there that will run the Instagram and you can add images.

4. Go to Microsoft app form your PC and download an Instagram app to your PC. Now, you can use it as you use it from your phone. You can also use a laptop cam to make simple Stories.

You can have Instagram as a private account so that your posts cannot be publicly displayed. If you have a business, you can also create a business account. To do this, you need to have a Facebook business page. Also, add your logo to your pictures.

  • The recommendations are to post 1-2 times per days.
  • Use additional apps to edit the images you will post.
  • You’ll see good results. Write interesting topics and encourage conversation. Your posts should be your original content.
  • You can also use a specific design for your pictures so your brand will be recognizable. The ideal time to post on the Instagram is around 5-6 pm.
  • Time to avoid postings is from midnight to 8 am.

 linkedin milady sladjaLinkedIn

This is something like a Facebook for business! You should set up your business biography.  Today the employers do not look for your Resume but they can look at your LinkedIn profile.
List your business experiences. Especially those that are more important to you now. List the jobs in what you had some important experiences and successes. Naturally, sort that information in chronological order.
The image should be very, very decent and professional. Below the picture write who you are, what you do or what your specific niche is.

Looking for a job using LinkedIn

You know exactly what kind of work engagement you are looking for, or what type of clients you want to attract. Make sure in your LinkedIn bio there are more of a work experience for the job type you’re interested in.
If you have a Blog or Website, make sure you leave a link in your profile. Try to post your Blog posts on LinkedIn and share your blog or site. This is gonna be like your portfolio. On this, the way your potential clients will see your skills. 

It’s also recommended to write about the way you solved some problem. Further on, give any advice you have for people in your business. Also, you write anecdotes about working with clients and customers.

You should know that many business opportunities wait or you on this platform. The employers are looking for people who can help their business here. More and more users seeing LinkedIn as a useful website to find their next gig or job on LinkedIn.  Today communication becomes far more easy and relaxed here. In the past, this social media used to be too cold and boring. It’s very important to connect with people in your business field. You can share your experiences with your colleagues. Also, you can help one each other finding your next. Further on you could work together on the same projects. 

If you know what company you would like to work in, you should connect with the company’s CEO and the company’s managers. If you are a freelancer, connect with people you would like to cooperate with. In the next lines, you’ll see how to do it.

  • The talent hunters and human resources employees use LinkedIn when they’re looking for new people they want in their team. That’s why your image and your reputation is very important on this social network.
  • If you want to be engaged in a company or work part-time for a client, go to the company’s LinkedIn profile. Find their employees.
  • Focus on their employees in the marketing sector because they are the one who deals with a company’s LinkedIn profile.
  • Also, connect to a company’s Human resources sector. They decide who to engage in their business. Also, contact a person with a CEO position in the company.
  • The next step is to Comment this company’s posts often. Give your opinion, suggestions about the topics they are posting about. After weeks or months, you’ll become close.

Better to say, now when they know you can message them and show you’re interested in job opportunities they offer. Recommend yourself for a job and present yourself in the best light. Now you are not a stranger to them, you have a much bigger chance to get the job.

LinkedIn groups

It is recommended to be active on LinkedIn groups. If you are working online, become part of international groups. Select the group that deals with your niche. Now it’s all the same as in the previous step. Comment on posts. Asking questions but also, be the one who provides answers to the others. Help them with what they ask for. Leave your links in your posts.

These groups follow your potential clients looking for freelancers. This is the best way to recommend yourself for a certain position. People will notice you if you’re being active. If you showing the knowledge of the matter. This is also the way to earn credibility in your industry. Over the time, you’ll become a  competent person everyone like to work with you.

LinkedIn is also the best platform to promote your brand. The hashtags don’t play a big role in here. Avoid using too much emojis on this platform they say. I know this is something hard for me too. 🙂

Posting on LinkedIn one in a day more than enough. Even every day may be too much. 3 times a  week would be great. This is the network where quality is important and not quantity. Posting stupid posts not gonna get you far.
An excellent time for posting on this network around 7-9 am and around  3-5 pm.

In this post, I wrote about very important social media for you. There’s more to say about YouTube, Twitter, Goole +.  Next time about them. As someone in an online job and who need new clients or more work, these tips will be useful. You’ll have the most benefits if you take a role in an adventure called – Social Networks.

The most important tip for you is to apply everything you learned! If you do not do that, you’re not going to get any results soon. You know it right?

To learn more methods about Social Media Marketing read my previous post.


If you like the post, share it or leave a comment. Thanks. 🙂



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