What is a Virtual Assistant Anyway?

What is a Virtual Assistant Anyway?

(Last Updated On: July 10, 2018)

Hello, my dear readers!

Here I am the middle of a business adventure, a profession called Virtual Assistant.

   I am learning a lot about this business still.  I attend training,  I get, public and online lectures, and I am researching a lot on the Internet about the work I do. As learning is never enough, so you should be active in learning, especially at the beginning. So, I run my online diary about everything I learn and know about this job.

     I believe all of you who are interested in this job area will find those articles fun and useful to follow my blog.  It will be my pleasure to follow you on your path to your goal and success of this business.  Stay with me a lot of is to come.

So what is a Virtual Assistant? (V.A.)

V.A.  is a job you work online.  If I tried to explain what is this job is about,  I would say this: ~ It’s a business where you help small business owners about jobs they need to do, but they’re losing valuable time to do that.

 A business that links business secretary and creates any kind of internet presence,  for small business on a global scale.

What V. A. Do?

The Tasks are:

– Establishment or maintain a Word Press site or a Blog.

– Running company’s official pages on a social network launching a firm’s site to social networks.  Then uploading, images and texts that the client requires, and provided unless otherwise agreed.

– Writing texts and finding graphs to use for their social networks accounts, if the client does not provide it for you.

– Running marketing campaigns on social networks,

– Providing customer support, (answering questions to the customers about a service or product) on SM or through e-mails.

– Responding to business e-mails using companies email accounts according to the client’s instructions.

– Maintaining a company’s database. Data entry type of jobs using Word, Excel, or Google Docs. All according to the client’s instructions.

– Web research and finding all data and information for the client.

– Scheduling business meetings for the client.

– Writing articles by an order for sites, blogs, social networks or marketing messages, and email marketing.

– Make graphics for Blog posts, photo processing, logo design for firms, posters, flyers, visit cards and etcetera.

– Project management is a job that  V.A. work, but more experienced ones. On the internet, you can find that project management works under the term of Virtual Assistant, although they do much more than a classic V.A.

– Market research, such as making various surveys.

– And various other jobs that appear along the way.



I’ll explain more.

During your career as a Virtual Assistant, you decide which jobs are the easiest for you. Because you know the business area better than another one. In the beginning, most of them are looking for their niche.  So should try to do more jobs and then decide what you would like to do.  After a while, you will find yourself in some jobs that are most connected with you.


First, you need to know a lot about yourself. About your talents of affection, your hobbies, and interests. Then narrow down your list and select services you will provide. This way, you helped yourself find the best type of job for you.


Sladjana Rajević

I help entrepreneurs run their business online, as a Copywriter Virtual Assistant in the marketing field. Also, I'm thrilled about Internet's benefits and possibilities. So, that's my hobby. My other hobbies are ancient civilizations and knowledge, especially astrology.