WordPress Sites

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Websites can also be hacked and so we got to the next subject…

The importance of keeping your WordPress site updated

You or somebody else needs to take care of your website a few times a week, it’s an online shop or some other activities are happening there. At least maintain once a month if it’s a simple website, so everything would work well. The WordPress core files, plugins update and maintenance is necessary because it:

Why WordPress

There are more options to choose when thinking on what platform to built your website. Here is some info on why to choose WordPress:

WP sites 37%

Your site is your business location online

What can I do for you:
-WordPress installation and setup
-A basic 5 pages Website 
-Landing Pages
-All required plugins Installation
-SEO Friendly
-Mobile Friendly
-Social media integration
-Clear navigation across the site
-Contact forms, Google map, Blog integration
– eCommerce
-Drag and Drop feature to edit content
& much more…
 -Also, I offer a website maintenance.

Feel free to contact me so we could talk about further details 🙂