You Run A Small Business | Now Get The Client

You Run A Small Business | Now Get The Client

You have a small business so you’re getting in a situation you need more clients. Online, and on various FB groups, there is a constant discussion going on of how to get the client.  Here I will mention 6 ways for you to reach to good clients and also highly paid clients, (the one with a deep pocket who‘ll pay well for your services).

You have an Online business or you’re a freelancer? From time to time you’ll fall into the same situation, that’s:

– You don‘t have enough clients
– or you don‘t have the clients at all. So let’s go!

1. Method

Search For The Client On Social Media

The simple method mentioned by Elna Cain (copywriter, I‘m on her mailing list) in one of her emails.  And the method is this:

Follow Twitter several times a day. In the browser, search the terms that bring you the one seeking for a person who does what you do.

Let’s say you’re a web designer. In the Twitter Search field write:

hiring a [your profession – here], so for example:
hiring a web designer, or you can write something like this:
looking to hire a web designer. Or like this:
looking for a web designer.

Well, just type  #hiring + [your profession] will bring you to those you need.
Also, add # [your profession] connects you with the person offering that service or looking for someone who offers this service.

Here… I’m looking for a web designer for you (my crap, because I’m not a web designer).
You see! The twitter is showing me the posts of everyone who says they need a web designer. You see 2 examples here, but the list of posts was long.You Run A Small Business, Now Get The Client-Milady Sladja
When you find someone who announced to look for someone like you, write them a short simple message:

“Hi, I am [your profession]. Maybe I could help you, or I know someone who can.“

You don‘t use Twitter so often? Maybe you use it only a few times a year as I used to – for example.

Learn how to comment on social media read to get to more clients read Comments and how to write them

Interesting Fact
As Gary Vee in his book “Crush it!” said, that regardless of Twitter’s unpopularity in some countries, statistics show that clients go on Twitter when they’re looking for someone to hire, and to make a business deals.

This is happening more often on Twitter than on Facebook or any other social media… This applies to those who provide services.

The same method you can implement well on LinkedIn, LinkedIn groups, and on Facebook groups. There is also a great number of people looking for someone to help them in their work or to get somebody to involve.

2. Method

Read Official Job Ads

For this method, I’ve heard in Eddie Smith’s FB group, Leads &Conversions For Dummies.

He asked -How you‘re finding clients?

A girl has given her original solution. She says she goes to Job Ads where you can find a job offers by some companies. In her case, she mentioned Craigslist, yeah, yeah… I know.  But you can do this on other sites of that type too. Since, she works as a freelancer, on a Job Ads where the companies are looking to hire an expert in her area. She suggests to the employer she’ll do the same job, but for less money than the monthly salary, they offered in their Ad.

This is the method she‘s doing and says this method got her the client.
Find Clients in Job Ads- Miladz Sladja

When I mentioned this in one FB group a girl told me that she has a friend who‘s a developer and times he found the client in the same way!

This doesn‘t seem to be a bad method at all. Many employers don‘t even know that there‘re a lot of people who work as freelancers, so if you just let them know, they may find out. 🙂

3. Method

Give them a Free Guide on how to solve their problem

I read this method on one site and it goes like this …

Find a company on the Internet that you would like to work for. Go to their site, or social media account, and find something in your niche that doesn‘t work the best there.

For example, you are a developer, and on their website, you come up with something that just doesn‘t work well, so explain to them how to do it better.

You come up with something simple they can do by themselves but they don‘t know how. Maybe they didn‘t know it should be better. Explain them step-by-step what and how to that.

So this is a different method from the popular cold pitching when you write to someone and you’re offering them to solve a problem for the money. In this first example, you don‘t do it for the money, you give them the right information and free advice, step by step so they could solve the problem by their self.

This method is slower, but in this way, you gain great trust and show yourself friendly.
You are someone who offers advice and knows a lot. And not like someone who tries to sell himself well.

When they get a need for someone with your skills after more communications with you and emails they’ll rather call you than someone they know nothing about.

Make none prejudices, this method works good with the startups but also with the companies with a deep pocket.

Special advice!
Look for recommendations, they sell you!

If you have a satisfied client or friend, you helped whether for free or for money is irrelevant. Ask them to give you recommendations and write something about you on your LinkedIn profile.

They can also write a message thanking you for helping them.  Add this message to your website or social media. These are the testimonies that say you know your job, and that you are good at it! Also, this suggests, that as you have helped one person, you can help others.


Get A Good Paying Job

If some topic is popular today online it‘s – How to reach high paying clients?

To begin with, I’ll give you two original methods to get a little better price for your work. There are also a few more common ones you’ve heard on the internet and you rolled your eyes.
Again, for some others, you must have guts.

It is important that you understand their importance take that step.

4. Method

The Way You Bid Sets You Apart From Anyone Else

Foremost… It’s important for you to have your own website if you want someone to talk to you. Your site is your base on the internet.

There is your offer, your explanation of what and how you do your work, you demonstrate your methods, but also note your working conditions such as your price list, your working hours, payment methods, a way you and your client communicate, etc.

Remember you‘re the Boss in your business.

a.)  Make a brief presentation

Of course, if you want to get a better-paid job you can‘t just act like a hard worker.
The one who does something and wants to earn. You have to show yourself in a more efficient way.  The point is about details.

Just dropping your product or service in the form of an Online presentation created in some of the online design programs, and send the presentation to the potential client or simply keep it public on your site as a Landing Page as an indicator of what you can do for your clients.

You can make presentations in Crello the online tool. Choose Presentation or option –Wide Presentation option and in just a few designed pages compose the short story and show what you would do for the client.

Do you think entrepreneurs often get business deals in the form of presentations … Neee. This is a more deluxe form of bidding so they can see that you‘re trying hard, and you‘re able to present yourself to a higher level, to be self-sufficient, intelligent and clever. Such a bid will shorten the number of emails you send because such a bid is more effective than an ordinary one.

b.)  Video message

You’ll need a courage for this. Or maybe NOT. Everybody makes live FB and Instagram videos today. This is the same thing!
Present yourself in a video message you’ll send to potential clients by email where you recommend yourself. This is an extremely rare type of emails entrepreneurs gets. The one you send is automatically separated you from hundreds of other people who send their offers.

This approach creates a kind of shortcut for you to get in the circle of people with better chances to get the certain job.


5. Method

Make your own product

a.) Make a product you’ll sell. Not only it has a practical use but also advertises you, and your service.
The classic examples are paper books or e-books that people write, publish, and use it as a kind of their passive income because it continues to advertise them for a long time over the years to come.

b.) Other examples are planners or guides with detailed instructions for a specific purpose. Marketers,  or people who run courses, design and print them.

c.) A good idea is making some kind of card deck as a reminder of some things in your industry. A good example is a 64-Card Deck by Louise Hay.

Make your own product-Milady Sladja

6. Method

Build credibility

To have the client who wants to pay you more, he needs to have great trust in you. So, you need to build credibility in your industry.

This means a prospective customer is consuming your online content for months or years. This content is your portfolio, a proof of your knowledge and expertise in that industry.

To get there it‘s not enough to be present just for a while. If you want to build credibility so you become a well-paid person, it requires years and years of work. If you think you only need a time, you’re wrong.

You just need the guts!

This method also requires your courage!  So, you‘ll need to do the things that are normal today, and it’s O.K. for you to do it too.
I’m talking about standing in front of the camera and to expose yourself to the public.

You might notice how I persuade to say the word INFLUENCER.

But at some point, I have to explain what we‘re talking about. I also have to say it‘s not hard to understand this concept. Soon you’ll find more about Influencers…

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